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 International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR)


International Short Course

Modeling and Design of Sea Outfalls
for wastewater, cooling water and desalination plant discharges

Sponsored by the IAHR / IWA Joint Committee on Marine Outfall Systems

Dedicated to Prof. Gerhard H. Jirka

June 21-22, 2010, Athens, Greece

Before the ISEH 2010 a two-day international short course will be offered to students, researchers, consultants and engineers who are interested to acquire an in-depth description of environmental design, related hydraulic processes and modelling aspects of submarine outfalls, with a special focus on predominantly dense discharges from seawater desalination plants.


Worldwide, the use of outfalls is increasing rapidly. Submerged multiport diffusers are gaining increased acceptance as effective means for the disposal of treated municipal or industrial wastewater, stormwater and combined sewer overflows, cooling water, and brine effluents from desalination plants into coastal waters and estuaries. The main objectives of the workshop are the planning, design and environmental assessment of such discharges.

The course is designed to provide technical training and guidance to engineers, scientists, regulators, and consultants on the discharge management with special focus on brine discharges. The course will cover an introduction to pollutant transport modelling, and mixing zone water quality assessment. Mixing processes are discussed in detail and will be described by simple screening equations and further detailed modelling with the CORMIX system.

Quantitative elements to describe and analyze water quality impacts are provided as well as additional qualitative features. This allows the engineering design of discharge structures and their regulatory licensing. The course covers submerged single port and multiport discharges as well as surface discharges. Presented discharge problems are related to: Conventional waste water discharges, Industrial discharges, Cooling water discharges, Desalination plant discharges, into: Rivers and channels, Reservoirs (influence of stratification considered), Estuaries (with density stratification and tidal currents), Coastal waters, Offshore deep ocean.

A special forum will be offered for the participants to present their activities. Besides the lectures it is given enough space for discussion and elaboration of emerging problems and possible solutions regarding environmental impacts of discharges.

Target group

Engineers from agencies, governmental institutions, industry and municipalities, as well as consultant firms and university research institutions (graduate students, scientists), who are working with planning, analysis, design, licensing and monitoring of discharges into water bodies. 


Dr.-Ing. Tobias Bleninger, University of Karlsruhe, Germany.
Prof. Robert Doneker, Ph.D., Portland State University and MixZon Inc., USA.
Prof. Anastasios I. Stamou, National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

The course idea with these specific topics has been proposed by Prof. Gerhard H. Jirka, Ph.D., who was very much looking forward to that course and lecturing major parts of it. We are very sad that he died the 14th of February, 2010, and decided to dedicate the course to him.

General Information

Divani Caravel Hotel – “Hall Pella”
2, Vas. Alexandrou Avenue,
161 21 Athens, Greece
Tel: +30 210 7207000,
Fax: +30 210 7253770

350 € per person (150 € for doctoral students)
for the 2-day workshop including all workshop materials, and coffee breaks.

To register, please download the relative registration form (please
click here to download the form), complete and return it to Mr Nikolas Dargonakis,
Workshop is limited to 35 participants, and will only be offered with at least 15 participants registered latest until Friday 4th of June.

The workshop will be given in English.


Monday, 21. June, 2010 (full day)

  • Welcome and introduction (course, speakers and participants)
  • Overview and characteristics of marine outfall systems, desalination and wastewater treatment technologies
  • Environmental and regulatory issues of point-source discharges, and desalination discharges in particular (Effluent and ambient standards;  mixing zone concepts in US and EU regulations)
  • Physical processes: near-field and far-field mixing processes (diffusion and transport processes)
  • Modeling techniques: jet integral model, near-field / far-field models, expert-systems
  • Planning and design schemes using modeling and prediction techniques
  • CORMIX Expert system for outfall design and discharge assessment
  • User-forum: Possibility for participants to present and discuss their works and projects (5min. each, to be announced in advance)

Tuesday, 22. June, 2010 (half day)

  • Modeling applications
  • Case studies
  • Internal diffuser hydraulics
  • Far-field modelling and Near-field / far-field coupling

End at 13:00 h

Further information  

Regarding registration:
Mr. Nikolas Dargonakis,

Regarding course contents and background:
Mr. Tobias Bleninger, , 

Regarding CORMIX:


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