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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

it is a great honor and a privilege for me to welcome you to Genoa for the 1st year of the 9th cycle of the European Advanced Course in Pediatric Neurosurgery.

Over the years, this course has become a tradition in the teaching programs of the European Society of Neurosurgery and has attained a strong interdisciplinary flavor, so that young Neurosurgeons may benefit from the experience not only of senior colleagues but also of other professional in sister disciplines, such as neurologists, neuroradiologists, neurooncologists, neuropathologists, and genetists. To this end, the various sessions will reinforce, harmonize and improve the alliance between pediatric neurosurgery and contiguous disciplines, putting the pediatric patient at the center of the diagnostic and therapeutic process. The main topics of this year are hydrocephalus, cysts, posterior fossa tumors, and head trauma. The scientific program features  both formal lectures and hands-on workshops, enhancing interaction between teachers and students. We aim at the formation of young neurosurgeons in the fascinating field of pediatric neurosurgery, with its kaleidoscopic, dynamic problems and clinical issues, thereby giving prominence to our discipline which, over the course of the recent past, has acquired a pronounced identity as compared to adult neurosurgery. It is our hope that this multidisciplinary approach will facilitate the discussion of clinical problems and enrich, through an “osmotic” attitude, the cultural contents of the course.

The course will take place in the stately villa Quartara in the Badia Benedettina della Castagna at Quarto dei Mille east of Genoa city center, close to the spot where the historical “Mille” expedition led by Giuseppe Garibaldi left for the conquest of southern Italy in 1860. The Badia is the venue of CISEF, the educational branch of the Giannina Gaslini Children’s Hospital where I work. Genoa is a city with a rich cultural and historical past and a thriving life. Visiting Genoa is a rewarding experience all year round, especially in late spring when the weather is mild and pleasant. We invite you to join the social program of the course which will enable you to get a glimpse of the beauty of our city.

I hope you will enjoy your stay with us!

Warm regards,
Armando Cama


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