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Session 1: Prostate imaging

Small-volume unilateral prostate cancer estimation results (super) score to aid candidate selection for focal therapy: Development and validation
M. Tsivian, S. Freedland, M.R Abern, L.L. Bañez, L. Gerber, J.C. Presti Jr., W.J. Aronson, M.K. Terris, C.J. Kane, C.L. Amling, J.W. Moul, T.J. Polascik (USA)

Rigid and non-rigid registration of prostate B-mode and ARFI images to MR and whole-mount histology
M.L. Palmeri, C.M.L. Hsu, S.L. Lipman, T.J. Polascik, M.S. Davenport, C. Kauffman, R.T. Gupta, E. Kulbacki, J. Madden, K.R. Nightingale (USA)

The impact of saturation biopsy in decision making for low risk prostatic carcinoma after prior positive biopsy
R. Sanchez-Salas, N. Miranda, R. Valero, M. Sanchez-Encinas, A. Ouzzane, M. Galiano, F. Rozet, E. Barret, X. Cathelineau (France)

Magnetic resonance imaging guided transperineal prostate needle biopsy in patients without a rectum
D. Dajani, B. Wood, P. Pinto, A.N. Hoang, C. Pusateri, D. Volkin, N. Yerram, J. Nix, S. Vourganti, B. Turkbey, P.L. Choyke (USA)
Multi-parametric MRI and subsequent MR/ultrasound fusion biopsy increases the detection of anteriorly located prostate cancers
D. Volkin, N. Yerram, B. Turkbey, A. Hoang, J. Nix, J. Kreucker, A. Rastinehad, W.M. Linehan, P. Choyke, B. Wood, P. Pinto (USA)

Prostatic swelling and shift of intra-prostatic target during HIFU: Implication for targeted focal therapy
S. Shoji, T. Uchida, N. Masahiko, A. Abreu, S. Leslie, Y. Sato, I. Gill, O. Ukimura (USA & Japan)

Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound fusion biopsy detects prostate cancer in patients with prior negative TRUS biopsies
S. Vourganti, N. Yerram, J. Nix, D. Volkin, A. Hoang, B. Turkbey, A. Rastinehad, G.N. Gupta, J. Kruecker, W.M. Linehan, P.L. Choyke, B.J. Wood, P.A. Pinto (USA)

Low suspicion lesions on multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging do not correlate with high risk prostate cancer
N. Yerram, D. Volkin, B. Turkbey, J. Nix, A. Hoang, S. Vourganti, G.N. Gupta, W.M. Linehan, P.L. Choyke, B.J. Wood, P.A. Pinto (USA)

Value of targeted biopsy in detecting prostate cancer using an office-based MR-US fusion device
G.A. Sonn, S. Natarajan, D.J.A. Margolis, M. Macairan, P. Lieu, J. Huang, F.J. Dorey, L.S. Marks (USA)

Targeted prostatic biopsy based on multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging to select candidates for focal therapy of prostate cancer
K. Kamoi, K. Okihara, T. Iwata, F. Hongo, O. Ukimura, A. Kawauchi, T. Miki (Japan & USA)

High diagnostic yield achieved by targeting multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging-suspicious lesion using MRI/Ultrasound fusion guided prostate biopsy
K. Kamoi, K. Okihara, T. Iwata, F. Hongo, T. Ueda, A. Kawauchi, T. Miki (Japan)

Image fusion of the preoperative biopsy-proven 3D cancer model and the intraoperative 3D cryolesion: Assessment of therapeutic adequacy in lesion-targeted cryotherapy for prostate cancer
M. Nakamoto, O. Ukimura, N. Fukuda, S. Shoji, A.L.C. Abreu, S. Leslie, Y. Sato, I.S. Gill (USA, Japan)

Can multiparametric MRI accurately detect local prostate cancer recurrence in patients treated with radiotherapy, before focal salvage therapy?
M.A. Alazeez, H. Ahmed, E. Anastasiadis, M. Arya, A. Freeman, C. Allen, A. Kirkham, M. Emberton (United Kingdom)

Approaches for overcoming challenges of MRI-guided biopsy of prostate
J. Yu, A.S. Fulcher, M.A. Turner, C. Cockrell (USA)

Diagnosis of anterior prostate cancer using MRI/TRUS real time soft image fusion
E. Baco, E. Rud, A. Svindland, H.B. Eggesbø (Norway)

Comparison between systematic and MRI targeted prostate biopsy for patient with no history of prostate cancer attending a first round of trans-rectal ultrasound biopsy procedure
P. Mozer, G. Coffin, G. Chevreau, R. Renard-Penna, E. Compérat, M.-A. Vitrani, C. Torterotot, P. Conort, M.-O. Bitker (France)

Is a high strength (3Tesla) MRI scan necessary for the detection and characterisation of prostate cancer?
N.L. Robertson, C.M. Moore, M. Emberton (United Kingdom)

MAPPED - Prevalence of MRI detectable lesions in low-intermediate risk prostate cancer
Nicola L. Robertson, Caroline M. Moore, Mark Emberton (United Kingdom)

NADiA ProsVue: A prognostic test for identifying men at a reduced risk for prostate cancer recurrence following radical prostatectomy
J. Moul, R. Lance, J. Alter, M. Sarno, J. McDermed (USA)    

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Session 2: Prostate treatment

Morbidity of focal therapy in the treatment of localized prostate cancer
R. Sanchez-Salas, E. Barret, A. Ouzzane, R. Valero, M. Sanchez-Encinas, F. Rozet, M. Galiano, D. Prapotnich, X. Cathelineau (France)

Focal therapy of prostate cancer: Initial experience with cryotherapy
R. Sanchez-Salas, E. Barret, M. Galiano, R. Valero, M. Sanchez-Encinas, N. Miranda, F. Rozet, D. Prapotnich, X. Cathelineau (France)

Comparative evaluation of acute retention of urine in groups of patients with prostate cancer treated with high power and low power brachytherapy
A.U. Pavlov, I.A. Albitski, A.D. Tsibulski, K.N. Milenin, A.V. Shestakov (Russia)

Medium term outcomes following primary focal therapy using HIFU for localised prostate cancer
L. Dickinson, H. Ahmed, N. McCartan, A. Freeman, A. Kirkham, C. Allen, R. Hindley, M. Emberton (United Kingdom)

MRI guided prostate cancer focal ablation using HIFU by means of image to image registration
L. Dickinson, Y. Hu, H. Ahmed, C. Allen, A. Kirkham, M. Emberton, D. Barratt (United Kingdom)

Salvage cryotherapy of the prostate: Long-term clinical, functional, and biochemical outcomes in a large cohort at a tertiary referral center
S. Wenske, A. E. Katz (USA)

Third generation total cryoablation as primary treatment for organ confined prostate cancer
H. Riemenschneider, E. Hong (USA)

Magnetic resonance guided intra-urethral high intensity focused ultrasound treatment of prostate tissue in preclinical model
N. Yerram, A. Hoang, A. Partanen, D. Volkin, H. Trivedi, J. Nix, B. Turkbey, M. Dreher, M. Bernardo, D. Haines, W.M. Linehan, P. Choyke, B. Wood, A. Venkatesan, P.A. Pinto (USA)

Efficacy of low temperature-sensitive liposome encapsulated docetaxel compared to free docetaxel in a xenograft murine model of prostate cancer
A. Ranjan, D. Volkin, N. Yeram, S. Chokshi, C.J. Benjamin, A. Negussie, P.H. Chung, M.R. Dreher, W.M. Linehan, B.J. Wood, P.A. Pinto (USA)

Histotripsy of ACE-1 implanted prostate tumor: Focal therapy in a canine model
G.R. Schade, J. Keller, K. Ives, X. Cheng, T.J. Rosol, E. Keller, W.W. Roberts (USA)

The focal laser effects of treatment during interstitial laser coagulation in patients with prostate cancer
O. Teodorovich, A. Teplov, A. Bogoslavskiy, S. Naryshkin, G. Borisenko, Y. Andreeva, E. Rasshupkina, D. Kochiev (Russia)

Focal radio-frequency ablation for low-risk, focal prostate cancer: Challenges and technique
J.M. Pow-Sang, M. Biagioli, E. Outwater, S. Dickinson, S. Rao (USA)

Salvage focal vs salvage total cryoablation for radio-recurrent prostate cancer: 7 years experience
A.L. de Castro Abreu, S. Leslie, S. Sohji, P. Silverman, I. Gill, D. Bahn, O. Ukimura (USA)
Prospective phase I trial of differential dose prostate brachytherapy guided by cancer-specific tissue-type imaging (TTI) and ultrasound spectrum analysis (USA): Preliminary dosimetric and clinical results
R. Ennis, F. Trichter, A. Jain, D. Goltz, J. Ostenson, E. Feleppa (USA)

Hemi salvage HIFU in patients with radiorecurrent prostate cancer
E. Baco, S. Crouzet, E. Rud, O. Rouviere, J.-Y. Chapelon, V. Berge, A. Gelet (Norway & France)

Delayed radical prostatectomy in intermediate-risk prostate cancer is associated with biochemical recurrence: Results from the SEARCH Database
A. Michael, A. William, T. Martha, K. Christopher, P. Joseph, A. Christopher, F. Stephen

Focal treatment of prostate cancer with HIFU
S. Crouzet, A. Villers, P. Rischmann, G. Pasticier, D. Hevallier, O. Rouviere, A. Gelet (France)

Preliminary results of a phase I trial using magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound surgery (MRgFUS) for  the treatment of patients with locally-confined low-risk prostate cancer
A. Nosov, C. Cheng, S. Kanaev, G. Gafton, V. Turkevich, A. Vorobiev (Russia & Singapore)

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Session 3: Kidney imaging & treatment

Renal mass anatomical characteristics and perioperative outcomes of laparoscopic partial nephrectomy: A critical analysis
M. Tsivian, S. Ulusoy, M.R. Abern, A. Wandel, A.A. Sidi, A. Tsivian (USA & Israel)

Impact of probe angulation on cryoablation zone geometry
Jun Yoo, Joshua Bryant, Charles Kim, Rendon Nelson (USA)

Renal function outcomes in patients with reduced nephron mass undergoing percutaneous renal cryoablation
D. Sopko, M. Tsivian, M. Suberlack, C.Y. Kim, T.J. Polascik, R.C. Nelson (USA)

Nd:Yag laser focal effect of localized kidney tumor
S. Naryshkin, O. Teodorovich, G. Borisenko, E. Rasshupkina, A. Ryazancew, D. Kurochkin, D. Kochiev (Russia)

Nd:YAG intersticial laser coagulation in vivo: Histipathologic analysis of the renal parenchima in different times after effect
E.V. Rasshchupkina, O.V. Teodorovich, G.G. Borisenco, S.A. Naryshkin, D.G. Kochiev (Russia)

7-year experiences with radiofrequency ablation for small renal masses
F. Vandercruysse, T. Meert, L. De Wever, F. Claus, R. Oyen, H. Van Poppel, S. Joniau (Belgium)

Zero-ischemia robotic partial nephrectomy: Striving for the trifecta
S. Leslie, M.M. Desai, I.S. Gill, A.L. de Castro Abreu, D.J. Lee, A.K. Berger, A.C. Goh, M. Patil, P.-M. Lewandowski, O. Ukimura, M. Aron (USA)

Modern hemostatic dressings improve the surgical procedure in murine kidney melanoma and renal cell adenocarcinoma animal models
M. Nowacki, A. Jundzill, M. Bieniek, T. Kowalczyk, S.L. Habib, T. Drewa (Poland & USA)

Anthropometric Renal Alterations between Supine and Prone Positions in Percutaneous Renal Ablation for Renal Cortical Neoplasms
A. Lusch, S. Fujimoto, J. Graversen, L.K. Findeiss, R. Clayman, J. Landman (USA)

Radiation exposure in patients undergoing nephron-sparing treatment for small renal masses: Scenario - based estimation
Matvey Tsivian, Michael R. Abern, Mitchell Bassett, Charles Y. Kim, Thomas J Polascik, Michael N Ferrandino (USA)

Radiation exposure in nephron sparing management of small renal masses: Single center experience
Tsivian M, Bassett M, Abern MR, Kim CY, Polascik TJ, Ferrandino MN, (USA)

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