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Jaime Landman (Irvine, USA)
The Endourological Society lecture: Role of active surveillance
Pilar Laguna (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Should biopsy of the small renal mass be a standard of care?
Bruce Shingleton (Augusta, USA)
Fusion Ultrasound: The future of image-guided renal therapy?
Hessel Wijkstra (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
The EAU Section of Urological Imaging (ESUI) lecture: Monitoring the effect of renal ablation and antiangiogenic therapy with CEUS
Arie Belldegrun (Los Angeles, USA)
The Society of Urologic Oncology (SUO) lecture: Neoadjuvant cancer ablation to enhance active immunotherapy


Monish Aron (Los Angeles, USA)
Percutaneous and laparoscopic cryoablation: 10  year data
James D.Meler (Houston, USA)
Percutaneous low energy direct current (IRE)
Christopher Klinger (Vienna, Austria)


Charles Kim (Durham, USA)
Post ablation enhancement: Definitions, implications, role of biopsy
Michael Ferrandino (Durham, USA)
Post ablation surveillance: Managing radiation exposure
Steven Joniau (Leuven, Belgium)
The EAU Section of Uro-Technology (ESUT) lecture: Interpreting EAU and AUA  guidelines for the small renal mass
Benjamin Lee (New Orleans, USA)
How to start a focal renal program
Pilar Laguna (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Closing remarks of the kidney program


Jean de la Rosette (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Welcome Speech
Hashim Uddin Ahmed (London, United Kingdom)
Biological characterization of the Index lesion
Cary Robertson (Durham, USA)
Role of focal therapy in the treatment armamentarium
Stephen Jones (Cleveland, USA)
Patient Selection
Hashim Uddin Ahmed (London, United Kingdom)
A rational sampling strategy for focal therapy


John Baust (Binghamton, USA)
The American College of Cryosurgery (ACC) lecture: Hallmarks of cancer and thermal ablative therapies

Angelo de Marzo (Baltimore, USA)
Biomarkers to improve risk assessment


Hessel Wijkstra (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Targeted ultrasound bubbles for targeted therapies
Kathy Nightingale (Durham, USA)
Acoustic Radiation Force Impluse (ARFI) imaging of prostate
Peter Pinto (Bethesda, USA)
Targeted US-MRI fusion
Osamu Ukimura (Los Angeles, USA)
Elastic (non-rigid) MR-US fusion targeted biopsy
Michael Marberger (Vienna, Austria)
Real time ultrasound monitoring of tissue chances
Ernest Feleppa (New York, USA)
RF spectral analysis of prostate ultrasound
Ananthakrishnan Sivaraman (Orlando, USA)
Update on Histoscanning
Osamu Ukimura (Los Angeles, USA)
Real-time TRUS 3D mapping


Peter Choyke (Bethesda, USA)
How I use MRI in prostate cancer practice
Arnauld Villers  (Lille, France)
What MRI can see and what it cannot
John Kurhanewicz (San Francisco, USA)
MRI spect
Jurgen Futterer (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
What does in MRI need to do to become standard of care?
Rajan Gupta (Durham, USA)
Starting an MRI program in focal therapy


Jean de la Rosette (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Summary of Consensus Group II report on MRI
John Feller (Indian Wells, USA)
Transrectal MRI guided laser ablation
Stephen Jones (Cleveland, USA)
Focal cryoablation
Aaron Katz (New York, USA)
How does focal compare to whole gland cryotherapy in the salvage setting?
Jaime Wong (Georgia, USA)
Focal low energy direct current (IRE)
Hashim Uddin Ahmed (London, United Kingdom)
Focal HIFU update on phase I/II studies

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