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  Poster Presentations

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Poster Session I: Biological correlates of psychiatric disorders

Catechol-O-methyltransferase Val108/158Met gene and alcoholism in Turkish subjects 
B. Tezcanli Kaymaz, A.-E. Altintoprak,  B. Kayahan, H. Coskunol, B. Kosova

Polymorphism of COMT Val158Met is associated with inhalant use and dependence: A Thai substance dependence treatment cohort
W. Intharachuti, R. Malison, R. Kalayasiri

Peripheral changes in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical axis, sympathetic adreno-medullar system and behavior in response to different time exposure to chronic social stress in accordance with coping strategy. Effects of antalarmin administration in mice 
J. Perez-Tejada, L. Garmendia, A. Azpiroz, E. Gomez-Lazaro, O. Vegas, A. Arregi   

Automated segmentation of hippocampal subfields in drug-naïve patients with alzheimer's disease
C.U. Lee

The association between self-reported daily hassles and cortisol levels in depression and anxiety in community living older adults
H.-M. Vasiliadis, H. Forget, M. Preville
A comparative genomic study in schizophrenic as well as in bipolar disorder patients based on microarray expression profiling meta-analysis
M. Logotheti, A. Chatziioannou, F. Kolisis, N. Venizelos

Effect of Nigella sativa and its constituent, thymoquinone, on learning and memory impairments following long-term cerebral hypoperfusion in rats
H.R. Sadeghnia, S.M. Hosseini, K. Shahraki

Molecular analysis of pathogenetic mechanisms in a mouse model for Mesio-Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
G. Kalozoumi, H. Bernard, O. Kel-Margoulis, C. Heinrich, E. Wingender, A. Depaulis, D. Sanoudou

Effect of persistent organic pollutants on tyrosine and tryptophan uptake in human fibroblast cells
J. Johansson, R. Vumma, S. Acharya, M. Engwall, N. Venizelos

Effect of cytokines, nitrosative stress and oxidative stress on tyrosine uptake in human fibroblasts: Role of antioxidants
R. Vumma, J. Johansson, K. Van Hove, B. Assefa, N. Venizelos 

A preliminary study of a polymorphism of alpha-endomannosidase (MANEA) gene (rs9387522) in individuals with methamphetamine-induced paranoia in a Thai substance dependency treatment cohort
R. Kalayasiria, K. Krusong, J. Gelernter, R.T. Malison
Vitamin D fluctuations as a risk factor for mood disordres
I. Chatzidakis, E. Glezou, A.N. Riga, E. Thanasas, K. Katsafouros 

Diagnostic criteria inadequacy for the onset of frontotemporal dementia with manic episode: Case report 
E. Glezou, A. N. Riga, E. Thanasas, I. Chatzidakis, K. Katsafouros 

Association of the dopamine D3 receptor Ser9Gly and of the serotonin 2C receptor gene polymorphisms with tardive dyskinesia in Greeks with chronic schizophrenic disorder
E. Rizos, N. Siafakas, E. Katsantoni, V. Lazou, K. Sakellaropoulos, A. Kastania, S. Kosida, K.-S. Chatzigeorgiou, G. Arsenis, L. Zerva, K. Katsafouros, L. Lykouras

Role of vitamin B6 in Immune-Kynurenine pathway interaction in depression
E. Weidinger, R. Barth, H. Noll-Puchta, W. Stettinger, G. Schütz, M.-J. Schwarz, N. Müller, A.-M. Myint

Cytokines and childhood trauma: Is the coping mechanism mediated through an anti-inflammatory response?
B. Leitner, E. Weidinger, R. Barth, H. Noll-Puchta, M.J. Schwarz, N. Müller, A.M. Myint

Non-familiar cases of phycosis: The influence of paternal age
C. Kollias, S. Dimitrakopoulos, C. Papageorgiou, G.N. Papadimitriou

Poster Session II: Psychopathology, Nosology, Epidemiology

An unusual presentation of migraine: Temporary complete body paralysis and expressive aphasia 
K.-T. Chung

Gender differences in determinants of suicidal ideation in French speaking community living elderly in Canada
H.-M. Vasiliadis, S. Gagne, M. Preville

Dementia or Depression?-Regaining everyday functions of an elderly female patient due to a precise differential diagnosis and adequate treatment
J. Radics

Suicide distribution according to week day and month: Results from a 2-year study in Greece
A. Paraschakis, I. Michopoulos, A. Douzenis, C. Christodoulou, K. Mihas, F. Koutsaftis, L. Lykouras

Heart rate variability in junior high school students with depression and anxiety in Taiwan
H.-M. Huang, K.-S. Wan, Y.-M. Tsai

“Smoking joints and playing Pro” – A first psychotic episode while drifting away from society in 21st century style 
D. Antoniadis, G. Floros, E. Ntouros, G. Lavrentiadis, G. Garyfallos

Comorbidity of patients attending a mental health center: Clinical and biological data
A. Falces, T. Sarmiento, M.-J. Reyes, R. Borrego, C. Conesa, T. Bel, A. Corominas

Clinical presentation of ASD in preschool aged girls and boys: Why girls may fly under the radar longer
L. Huang-Storms, C. Karni

Hikikomori in Japanese university students: A case study of thirty six patients with hikikomori
Y. Furuhashi, S. Furuhashi

Suicidality among schizophrenic patients, before the first psychotic episode and during the early course of the disease 
D. Hadjipapanicolaou, I. Zukov, P. Kozelek, J. Albrecht

Cognitive performance and the long-term outcome of bipolar disorder
A. Pavlichenko

A pilot study of patients’ smoking habits in a psychiatric hospital
M. Kourakos, A. Kalokairinou, G. Kallergis, E. Koukia 

Facial affective expressions in patients with schizophrenia
H. Fatouros-Bergman, J. Spang, J. Merten, G. Preisler, A. Werbart   

Pathological internet and PC use among health professionals
C. Zarras, G. Floros, M. Dede, A. Lappas, K. Ladopoulou  

Theory-of-mind and neurocognition during depressive and manic episodes in bipolar disorder
N. Ioannidi, G. Konstantakopoulos, D. Ploumpidis, D. Sakkas, G.N. Papadimitriou, P. Oulis
Mental pain and suicide risk
G. Konstantakopoulos, A. Soumani, D. Damigos, P. Oulis, V. Masdrakis, V. Mavreas, D. Ploumpidis 
Alexithymia and recovery from trauma exposure in high risk in a high-risk occupation
J. Halpern, R.G. Maunder, B. Schwartz, M. Gurevich

Adolescents mental health evaluation with regards of families’ economic problems 
V. Rozanov, T. Reytarova, A. Uhanova, G. Pilyagina, A. Reytarova, A. Rakhimkulova

Association between procrastination, personality characteristics and anxiety in a student sample 
P. Tsellos, K. Makris, E. Ralli, M. Typaldou

Cognitive emotion regulation strategies mediating resilience in patients with depression and/or anxiety disorders
J.-H. Chae, J.-A. Min

Premorbid personality disorder traits and age of onset in paranoid schizoprenia
M. Skokou, A. Katrivanou, I. Andriopoulos, P. Gourzis

Screening for FTD in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis with ALS-CBS
D.S. Kasselimis, A. Nidos, M. Rentzos, T. Alexakis, M. Hatzopoulou, G. Tsentidou, C. Potagas, I. Evdokimidis

The Greek Autobiographical Memory Test: Preliminary standardization
D. Kasselimis, E. Papastefanakis, P. Simos

Development and standardization of two memory tests in Greek
D. Kasselimis, E. Papastefanakis, T. Panou, P. Simos

Dreaming and neurodynamic disturbances related to posttraumatic stress disorder in war veterans
I. Pudikov, D. Smirnova

Characteristics of psychiatric consultation for the geriatric inpatients
Jin Sook Cheon, Byoung Hoon Oh

Relationship of stress, cannabis use and first psychotic episode
M. Selakocic, O. Giotakos, G. Mitropoulos, V. Kakavas, D. Dikeos

The effect of personality dimensions on climacteric symptoms
A.C. Spyropoulou, I.M. Zervas, E. Lambrinoudaki, M. Antoniou, C. Tzavara, M. Vogiatzi, C. Kreatsas, G.N. Papadimitriou

Poster Session III: Psychiatric therapeutics and other issues in psychiatry

Personalized nanopsychiatry
N.-L. Bragazzi

An ethnopsychiatric case report
N.-L. Bragazzi

Virtual patients in transcultural psychiatric training: A pilot study of  the role of virtual feedback 
I. Pantziaras, O. Courteille, U. Fors, S. Ekblad

Awareness and adherence to driving guidelines: A brief survey of clinical practice (UK)
S. Kumar

Qualitative research: Available autism health services – Post diagnostic level
A. Vourda

Attitudes and behavior of students of the techonological educational institute of athens towards people with disability
S. Demsia, P. Dalapa, E. Papageorgiou, K. Roussou

The costs associated with antidepressant use in depression and anxiety in community living older adults
H.-M. Vasiliadis, E. Latimer, P.-A. Dionne, M. Préville 

Self-respect and mental help-seeking behaviour
A. Zartaloudi, I. Kannavos

The onset of psychotic disorders and help - seeking 
A. Zartaloudi, I. Kannavos

Coping with depression and underutilization of mental health services
A. Zartaloudi, I. Kannavos

Adherence to Mediterranean diet, cognitive function and dementia: A systematic review
I. Lourida, M. Soni, J. Thompson-Coon, P. Nitin, I. Lang, O. Ukoumunne, D. Llewellyn

Live simply through mind and body at village life of Tai in India and Thailand
K. Wonggarasin

Putative factors underlying cross-cultural diversity of depression
N. Eszlari, X. Gonda, D. Pap, G. Bagdy, G. Juhasz

Current perspectives of the prevention of child abuse and neglect: The contribution of project BECAN
V. Stancheva-Popkostadinova

Religiosity dimensions in relation to SCL-90 clusters in students 
K.T. Kioulos, J.D. Bergiannaki, A. Glaros, M. Vassiliadou, C.R. Soldatos

Religiosity dimensions and personality traits in students 
K.T. Kioulos, J.D. Bergiannaki, A. Glaros, M. Vassiliadou, G. Papadimitriou

The treatment of resistant depression
C. Istikoglou, D. Foutsitzis, N. Polonifis, P. Kanellos, D. Vlissides, A. Vlavianou

Paliperidone and schizophrenia
C. Istikoglou, D. Foutsitzis, P. Kanellos, N. Polonifis, D. Vlissides, A. Vlavianou

Practice of lamotrigin usage in generalized anxiety disorder treatment 
V. Kenchadze, Z. Beria, G. Naneishvili, G. Sikharulidze  

Bilateral pedal edema following risperidone use: A  case report
D. Konstantinidou, A. Paraschakis

Promotion of type II diabetes self-management through the implementation of a social cognitive theory based intervention
H. Stathopoulou, A. Paschali, C. Dimitrakaki, Y. Tountas  

Delirium and Stevens-Johnson syndrome after intentional taking of clonazepam and lamictal: There is no golden treatment standard
A. Bagdonaite, V. Maciulis, A. Siurkute, J. Lengveniene

Autism intervention in the pediatric hospital setting: An intensive outpatient program
T. VanKirk, C. Karni, H. Carrington, A. Massie, L. Huang-Storms, G. Carrie   

Bright light therapy
A. Chatzimanolis, V.-E. Foteinou, I. Zervas, G.N. Papadimitriou

Controling second generation neuroleptic treatment for children 
A. Wisniewki, P. Niwinski, Strezynski Dominic, S.-J. Jung, R. Serek

Effectiveness of Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (G-CBT) in bipolar affective disorder patients
I. Kopsahili, R. Papadaki, S. Giakoumaki, E.-M. Tsapakis

Self-help groups at Eginition: Communicating beyond words
I. Kokkonis, D. Kasselimis, K. Karli, M. Vlassopoulou, C. Potagas

Treatment of behavioural and psychological symptoms in dementia using biofeedback in public hospital settings
A. Budzyna-Dawidowska

Polypharmacy in the management of schizophrenia in a tertiary-care Hospital in Malaysia
S.-A. Jacob, F. Mohammed

Pregabalin augmentation of antidepressants in older patients with comorbid depression and GAD
A. Politis, D. Karaiskos, D. Pappa, E. Tzavellas, G.N. Papadimitriou

Efficacy of agomelatine as monotherapy in depression: Preliminary results
E. Tzavellas, D. Karaiskos, R. Drimioti, T. Paparrigopoulos

Does olanzapine have a place in the treatment of anorexia nevorsa?
G. Georgantopoulos, G. Konstantakopoulos, S. Christaki, P. Oulis, D. Dikeos, G.N. Papadimitriou, E. Varsou

Circadian rhythm disturbances and antenatal depression
V.-E. Foteinou, A. Chatzimanolis, G.N. Papadimitriou, I. Zervas