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  Scope and Objectives

The main objective of the ESB2013 Congress is to bring together researchers and practitioners in biomechanics and to stimulate and promote research on all core topics of biomechanics, including emerging research areas.

The event will open on Sunday, August 25th, with a pre ­course of interest to graduate students, post-docs, and young researchers. The main Congress programme will span from Monday, August 26th to Wednesday, August 28th and will feature different tracks of presentations from delegates. Plenary sessions are planned to address cur­rent challenges in biomechanics research, and to provide valuable insight into the ever-increasing importance of collaborative research.

Based on the previous editions, it is expected that the ESB2013 Congress will have a strong impact on the devel­opment of biomechanics, identifying emerging areas of research, promoting the collaboration between partici­pants and industry members, providing information on interdisciplinary programmes, EU funding opportunities and biomechanical education programmes.



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