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Erasmus S.A., is an Athens based leading company specialized in professional congress organizing (abbr. PCO).

Being a foremost company among notable PCOs and with a serious and trustworthy profile, Erasmus S.A. undertakes projects both in the domestic area as well as in the international stage insisting on the following main targets:
  • effective organization of conferences of high standards
  • suitable completion of them with concurrent events
  • technical support of media needs with the world’s latest technological equipment
  • successful management of human and financial resources
  • awareness of the market’s options and selection of the most appropriate ones according to client and event
  • minimization of costs by negotiating with suppliers
  • development of congressional tourism through promotion of Greece and its facilities all over the world.
  • promotion of  creative business interaction between domestic and international companies/organizations
Getting Started
Rolling back in time, Erasmus was firstly founded in 1993 by a group of three, all working in the tourism industry till then; Mrs. Georgia Tsatsou, Mrs. Olga Dimopoulou and Mr. Aristides Tsaldaris. The company was firstly introduced as “ERASMUS HORIZON ltd.” but five years later, when Mr. Tsaldaris withdrew, it was consequently reborn and renamed “ERASMUS ltd”. Although it took off with personnel of few people, Erasmus already had an active team of seventeen by that year. Definitely, the expectations were something more than just great.
In 2002, the prestigious economic newspaper “H NAFTEMPORIKI” becomes the third partner, while in the very beginning of 2003, Erasmus moves to its own private offices in one of the most central spots of Athens, in the area of Hilton (right next to Divani Caravel Hotel). 
Reaching Today
From 2002 and on, Erasmus S.A. has become one of the leading PCOs in Greece, running more than 50 projects per year and having a stable and dynamic team of 25 people. This fact is verified through the continuous trust of its major clients, the high rates of repeated projects and the breadth of its activities.
Moreover, one of the top moments in Erasmus’ history was when the 15th Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology & Venereology (abbr. EADV) was organized in Rhodes on October 2006.  The specific conference accommodated more than 12.000 participators and 130 exhibitors and it turned out to be a huge success. In addition, in 2006 Erasmus got the ISO 9001 which officially certifies that the company has established and applies a quality management system for Congress & Exhibitions Organizers, Incentives Travels.

The big step
2009 was a landmark year for our company, for the first time we organized a Conference abroad. We organized the 2nd International Workshop on Focal Therapy and Imaging in Prostate and Kidney Cancer 10 – 13/6/2009 in Noordwijk, Amsterdam, with great success.
This was the first step for us to stand as a Professional Congress Organizer in Europe as well as in other countries. We have gained valuable experience and we are continuing our efforts of maintaining excellent relations with major Scientific Associations, Colleges and Universities all over Europe, who have trusted and continue to trust their collaboration with ERASMUS SA.

The company is based today in its own premises right next to Divani Caravel Hotel in the area of Hilton, and it employs 25 multilingual senior employees.

Organization Chart of Erasmus S.A.



Erasmus S.A. is offering professional congress organizing services that include all the following activities:

  • Agree with the client of the dates and location of the conference/seminar/promotion day/educational trip plus the expected  number of the participants, budget, needs
  • Inspect the desirable location, the available hotels, the congress centers, the restaurants, the facilities of the town in general
  • Organize the scientific part, properly and up to the last detail:
    Appropriate selection of the most suitable meeting facilities
    Collect the scientific papers that are going to be presented and discussed during congress’ sessions
    Arrange the timetables that set the dates and time of each presentation/lecture/session etc
    Print the appropriate material that is going to be distributed during the congress
  • Organize the touristic part:
    Book the accommodation of all participants
    Arrange all transportation related tickets and transfers of all participants
    Arrange the banquet services for all participants
    Arrange the social events and excursions that will run during the congress
    Always propose the best and the most creative solutions
  • Organize the exhibition part:
    Prepare the floor plan of the venue
    Contact potential exhibiting companies/organizations
    Arrange exhibitions services, i.e. A/V and stand equipment
  • Organize and provide all services required for companies meetings held within the congress context
  • Timely and completely inform all parties involved (client, participants, suppliers) for the progress of the forthcoming event by providing ongoing reports
  • Technically support the congress with audiovisual equipment
  • Contact media and launch press releases or VNRs if needed
  • Find sponsors (contact ministries, business related companies etc)
  • Create congress’ website
  • Advertise the congress in all the related industries
  • Find the best offers for all the services provided
  • Manage to achieve the lowest price for the client while also gain the best achievable profit
  • Assure economic clarity and guarantee financial success
  • Promote the best places available in the area that hosts the congress and also promote the Greek conference capabilities
  • Provide networking opportunities for the participants in a friendly thus professional atmosphere
  • Follow and help the establishment of a mass approved professional code of practice assuring the quality of services provided

Moreover, our company is equipped with:

  • Computerization System according to the international standards
  • New Telephone Exchange of more than 30 lines
  • XEROX Printers offering the possibility of 6.000 photostats within 2 hours time as well as the possibility of printing 4-coloured, 4-page leaflets and posters
  • A DVD Recorder with the possibility of 500 copies within 24 hours
  • Website hosting all Congresses and/or Exhibitions organized by company offering at the same time to interested parties:
    Updated information regarding the event
    Online Reply Form
    Online Registration Form
    Online Abstract Submission Form
    Online Accommodation, Transportation & Tour Booking Form
    For the safe circulation of all this information, our company is equipped with the “verisign” system that does not allow third parties any kind of access to participants data, such as credit card details.
  • Full-time commercial artist for the design and redaction of any type of printed material   


  • Established reputation
  • Know-how of organizing big congresses and exhibitions
  • Well known in the community of medicine and science
  • Great history of projects organized
  • Professional and organized course of working
  • Friendly, well trained and always engaging personnel
  • Gained trust of some of the most important figures in the community of science
  • Short and “catchy” trademark & company slogan


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